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Client focused and tailored to the individual 24 hour telephone support and coaching available Home based programme

Addictions UK

About Addictions UK

Home-based and Residential Treatment
We are a leading provider of home-based addictions treatment and residential treatment as required. Whatever your addiction, we will be able to develop a programme to help you, your family and your carers. We use a combination of the following methods:
The 12 Steps Programme
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Motivational Interviewing
Peer Support
Person-centred Counselling
Coping Strategies
Coaching as well as Teaching

If you believe that you have an addiction and are really committed to recovery, contact us now.

Services and Prices
Free Recovery Assessment Service
We offer a one-off assessment service for anyone who thinks they might benefit from some sort of therapeutic assistance. Our assessment lasts around 30 minutes and we will give you a clear idea of what sort of treatment plan might be of benefit to you.
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Home Treatment Programme
£150.00 per week
Before you begin treatment, we will discuss with you the likely time required to set you on a secure path to recovery. We recommend a twelve week treatment programme for most clients, however we recognise that some clients may require longer or shorter treatment regimes. Your therapist will advise you on the programme that suits you best.

Home Detox Programme
£1,600.00 - including four weeks treatment support
Detox is only of value when combined with an on-going treatment programme. You can arrange this separately if you wish or we can add our Home Treatment Programme at the price listed above (£150.00 per week) to your Home Detox. If clients wish to take detox as part of another agency's programme, the cost of detox alone is £1,150.00.

Tailor-made packages for Detox with extended nursing care are also available. Prices vary according your needs. Please contact us to ask for details.

Recovery 100 Plan
This twelve-month programme begins with a series of daily sessions for the first three months, followed by weekly Relapse Prevention support for nine months.

With appropriate arrangements and guarantees, payments may be made at a rate of £60 per week.

Relapse Prevention Programme
£30.00 per week
We offer a relapse prevention programme with weekly sessions on our coaching lines for clients and carers.

Recovery Journeys
from £2,000.00 for ten days
We organise regular journeys to southern India, allowing clients to draw on the wealth of spirituality in that region.

Continuing Coaching and After Care
Our 24/7 Coaching Line and After Care Services are available free of additional charges to anyone who has completed any of our Treatment Programmes.

Support for Families, Friends and Carers
We believe that it is essential that those around you are able to assist with your recovery. With your permission, we will make support services available to them from a separately staffed team of experienced advisors.

Full Residential Care (UK or Abroad)
prices on application
Residential Care is appropriate for those who are not ready for recovery at home but involves considerable additional charges. We are able to offer extensive and effective options for Residential Recovery Treatment either in the UK or Abroad which can reduce your costs by as much as a half. Although the prices will be in line with those listed above, charges vary between different residential treatment centres and everyone's needs are different so please contact us to discuss what options would be right for you.

Self-test Drug testing kit by post
These expertly designed and tested kits provide family, friends and carers with reassurance that your recovery is proceeding well.

Self-test Alcohol testing kit by post
It is good for your own confidence and for those around you that you can demonstrate the continuing effectiveness of your treatment.

We are happy to discuss Extended Terms for your payments, provided you are supported by a Guarantor.

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We are available at any time of the day or night, anywhere you are, through:
The Web, Instant Messaging and E-mail
National and International Landline and Mobile
Face-to-face where required
Texting, DVDs, Printed Material and Other Media
Addictions UK provides a fully comprehensive Addictions Treatment throughout the United Kingdom. We offer Customised Treatment work with Carers and Family and Friends. We can arrange a wide range of therapy options to suit the client. We aim to offer a "joined-up" service - so if you need our help in any form please ask us. Nothing is too much trouble. As a Social Enterprise we put our clients first.

You must read and agree our terms and conditions as included in the Service Agreement. This document explains what we will do and what we expect you to do as well.

Our charges will be invoiced monthly and you will be requested to pay a forward payment equivalent to four weeks fees in advance.

We are able to discuss discounts for those requiring eight weeks of treatment or more.

You can pay using debit or credit cards, PayPal, direct debit, standing order, cheque, postal order or Bank Draft. We can commence your treatment immediately if you telephone 0845 4567 030 to make payment arrangements.

This list of services does not include our Training, Consulting and Face-to-face Counselling Services.