Bikeworks CIC

Bikeworks do good things with bikes to help people live well.

Bikeworks East CIC

138 - 140 Cambridge Heath Road,
Bethnal Green,

E1 5QJ
Tel: 020 8980 7998

Bikeworks CIC is a social enterprise that uses bikes to tackle environmental, social & economic challenges in London. Bikeworks creates local solutions to global issues through the promotion of sustainable urban transport with cycling. Bikeworks geographical focus is on areas of social deprivation in London. Creation of employment and training opportunities for marginalised individuals is integrated into the heart of the enterprise.

Bikeworks East CIC

About Bikeworks East CIC

Bikeworks is a London based not for profit social enterprise that uses cycling as a tool to tackle social and environmental challenges in the community.

Our mission is to actively change lives and offer positive experiences using the bicycle and cycling. Perhaps the most visible focus of this comes from our three bike shops in Bethnal Green, Leytonstone and Hammersmith.

At these shops, we sell a collection of new and recycled parts as well as good quality new lights, locks, accessories and clothes. As well as offering employment opportunities within the shops, each one has a workshop to complete repairs and training centres attached where we provide bike maintenance training such as Cycle into Work which offers training opportunities for those most in need. To watch a short video, please follow this link.

  1. Cycle safety training for adults and children – of bikeability levels 1, 2 and 3
  2. An all ability cycling club - which offers cycle training and support with a particular focus on those with a disability. To enable this we have over 50 specialist bikes such as tricycles and recumbents.
  3. Dr Bike – free mechanical repairs and servicing for the local community
  4. Fix your own bike - courses, discounted second hand parts and recycling bikes that would otherwise be used for scrap.
  5. We also offer a number of training courses such as wheel building and deliver team building events based around bike maintenance.
  6. On top of this we have run a number of specialist events and services such as charity bike rides to Amsterdam, specialist bike tours of the Olympic Park (or further afield) as well as team building events for public, private and voluntary sector bodies.

The best way to find out what is going on at Bikeworks is to look at our website which provides a further explanation of the services we offer and opening