Derventio Housing Trust

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Derventio Housing Trust

33 Boyer Street,
Derby ,
DE22 3TB
Tel: 01332 292776

Derventio tackles homelessness head-on, providing accommodation, support and opportunities helping homeless people get back on their feet.  Helping the most vulnerable and excluded people, we provide shared supported housing in the private rented sector and a range of learning and volunteering opportunities to help people achieve their goals and aspirations.

Derventio Housing Trust

About Derventio Housing Trust



Derventio Housing Trust tackles homelessness head-on. As well as directly providing housing and support, we deliver wider support services to enable people to maintain their independence and achieve their personal aspirations.

All our services have grown out of the needs and aspirations of homeless people, and we regularly tweak them according to what people tell us they like or dislike, and market trends. We are strongly entrepreneurial, agile, fast-moving and flexible. We have been a social enterprise since 2010, with 90% of our income earned from trading. We specialise in private rented sector (PRS) leasing. We have successfully worked with people in the greatest housing need for ten years.

Starting in Derby, our services now spread across the East and West Midlands, and Swindon. They are:

Shared, supported housing for homeless people who are ready to take steps towards independence

Access to private rented housing tenancies for people aged 18-34 with ongoing tenancy support

Healthy Futures - personalised support, advocacy and co-ordination for people with mental and physical health needs

Growing Lives - learning, training, and volunteering opportunities

Talent Match – employability and mentoring for unemployed young people in deprived areas.