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West Midlands
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Matching employers who value diversity with talented disabled candidates


About Evenbreak

Award winning Evenbreak, a social firm, was formed to achieve three aims:

  • To help inclusive employers attract more talented disabled people;
  • To help disabled jobseekers find work with employers who will value their skills;
  • To promote the business benefits of employing disabled people.


So successful has Evenbreak been that the following rewards were recently won

  • OnRec “Newcomer of the Year 2014”
  • FSB/Worldpay Business of the Year Regional Finalist 2014
  • Finalist in National Business Awards Social Enterprise of the Year 2014
  • Runner-up in Recruitment Industry Disability Initiative awards 2014

With Evenbreak

  • inclusive employers can be confident that they will attract additional disabled candidates than they will attract from other media.


  • disabled jobseekers can be confident that employers who have chosen to place their vacancies on this site are serious about looking beyond their disabilities to identify what skills they have to offer.

Evenbreak was founded and is run by a disabled businesswoman. Jane has personal experience of employing many disabled people, learning so much about the value they bring to a business. Also, as a disabled person herself, Jane knows the importance of staying in work is - not just for the income, but also for the self-esteem, dignity, feeling of being useful and having a purpose it brings. Jane has experience of this herself with a degenerative spinal condition restricting her ability to sit or walk, meaning she successfully runs Evenbreak lying down with a laptop suspended above her.

Evenbreak is run by disabled people, for disabled people. As a social firm, Evenbreak is keen to promote a positive image of disabled people in employment.

Surplus income funds positive publicity campaigns promoting the benefits of employing disabled people, to balance out some of the current negative, and inaccurate, portrayals of disabled people in the media.