CLARITY – Employment for Blind People

Contract fulfilment with a difference


Unit 7 ,
Highhams Park Industrial Estate,

E4 9JD
Tel: 020 7619 1650

GWB Products Ltd is the trading subsidiary of Social Firms UK Associate member, CLARITY: Employment For Blind People. It has been providing contract manufacturing and packing services of own label toiletries and household products for more than 30 years. With a factory in central London providing blind and disabled people with employment and training, GWB offers you an affordable, professional partnership with which to enhance your Corporate Social Responsibility profile.


About Clarity

• Handwashes • Shower Gels • Conditioners • Shampoos • 2 in 1s • Foam Baths • Hand Lotions • Balms • Body Lotions • Creams • Cleansers • Moisturisers • Toners • Bath Oils • Body Oils • Aftershaves • E.D.T.s • Perfumes • Roll-Ons • Gift Packs • Car Care products • Multisurface • Glass Cleaners • Cleaner polishes • Furniture polish • Washing-Up liquids • Hard Soap Bars • Hand Sanitisers • Room Fresh Sprays • Cello-wrapping

Servicing both UK and export contract customers, GWB possesses an experienced product development team and laboratory facilities. GWB can also deliver a full ‘concept to counter’ service, including in-house sampling. This makes us the ideal partner for not only long established organisations, but also new entrants into this ever evolving market.

As well as contract manufacture, GWB Products Ltd. offers popular services such as aftershave and perfume filling service as well as packaging and/or cello-wrapping fulfilment. GWB can source and create the right design and packaging for your product and always ensure you get the best possible price whilst delivering the highest quality. If required we can supply fast turnaround contract packing. Let us know your urgent requirements.

Please contact John Stutchfield at GWB Products Ltd. to arrange a visit so we can fully demonstrate how we can fulfil your contract requirements.

More about CSR: In existence since 1854, CLARITY was originally known as General Welfare of the Blind – hence G.W.B. Products. It provides training and development for disabled people through full-time employment in its factory and offices, with the ultimate aim of being able to progress into mainstream industry. CLARITY runs an NVQ training scheme together with courses in basic skills (literacy, numeracy, I.T.) plus job search programmes.

5 Filling Lines
• Two for Creams & Lotions, Shampoo's, W-up liquid etc.
• One for low viscosity 'watery' products eg. EDT's, Room Fresheners, Roll-ons, perfumes
• One vacuum line for small EDT jobs eg. 7ml, 10ml, 30ml
• One universal filler to fill hand creams, hair masks (thick liquid creams

• 1 Soap Line includes mixer, shredder, extruder, 2 soap stampers, 1 small shrink wrapper
• 2 Graham Labellers
• 2 large Shrinkwrappers & Heat Tunnels
• 2 Crimping machines (to crimp actuators onto glass bottles for Alcohols)
• 3 Automatic Linx Inkjet Coders (to code bottles)
• 1 Allen Carton Coder (to Ink deboss codes onto product cartons)
• 2 Universal table top fillers (for small cream & lotion jobs)
• 1 Marden Edwards Cellowrapping Machine for overwrapping EDT's, perfumes, aftershaves, soap cartons etc. (For rectangular cartons up to 60 / minute.
• 4 Die Sets – 25g plain, 70,80 and 100g with 'Clarity' logo
Typical Annual output = 1.3 million units
Maximum Capacity = 2 million units (1 shift)

Bulk Manufacturing
• 5 Cream / Lotion vessels
2 for hot mixes (1.2 tonnes max)
2 for cold mixes (1.2 tonnes max)
1 small batch vessel (217 Litres)
• Flame-proof room with 2 Alcohol vessels for EDT's etc.
• De-ionising water cleaning plant - Elga Eclipse Duo 150. Demineralisation prevents destabilization of products.
Max. Batches per week = 10 – 12
Batches / year = 400 - 500

• 900 pallet spaces
450 spaces for Own Brand F.Goods
450 for all components, packaging
1 Automatic Pallet Shrinkwrapper

• Research, New Product Development, sample production, colour matching, manufacturing process development, quality control and assurance, product evaluation, samples, safety testing (pH, viscosity, centrifuge etc.) and stability testing (oven and refrigerator for 3 months), line quality control checks.

• Micro-biological testing done off-site (we fill before results are returned).