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Travel Matters Enterprises Ltd

2nd Floor, Rawlinson House ,
9 London Road ,
Redhill ,
Tel: 01737 789997

Travel Matters makes a difference to peoples’ lives, building confidence and realising potential.

Travel Matters Enterprises Ltd

About Travel Matters Enterprises Ltd

Travel and training

Travel Matters Enterprises is a fully bonded travel agency and not-for-profit Social Enterprise based in Redhill, Surrey. The company is also a training centre for people recovering from mental health problems, providing both IT training and work experience.  Profits from the travel agency go towards the running costs of the training, so every booking really does make a difference to those who need it most.

Domestic or global

Travel Matters can arrange anything from domestic flights and train tickets to global travel, package holidays, cruises and any other necessary arrangements, such as visas, taxi transfers or car hire.

Competitive prices

Prices are competitive as Travel Matters is not tied to any one operator and so is free to find the most cost effective option.

Proven track record

Founded in 1996, Travel Matters Enterprises has operated as an independent Social Enterprise since 2006 and was awarded the Social Enterprise Mark in 2011. Around 50% of its business is in travel for people with disabilities with the reminder being business and leisure.


Travel Matters aims to be the best UK travel agency for adapted travel and to also offer a bridge to work for people in the community facing barriers to employment.

What our trainees think

Jane became jobless through a change in company ownership. As a well qualified candidate, she had no difficulty in getting to the short list stage when job seeking but then hit a barrier when she disclosed past mental health issues on standard forms. This, in turn, led to a breakdown.

As part of her recovery process, Jane was referred to the Travel Matters work experience programme. She enjoyed researching clients' holiday and travel requirements and developed a particular specialism in travel for people with disabilities.

"It was interesting work and also very useful for my CV as prospective employers can be put off by a long gap", she said. Jane is now established in a new job matching her key skills and experience.  "The months I spent with Travel Matters were instrumental in helping me get my life back on track".