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  • The Jaunty Flaneur CIC

    The Jaunty Flaneur is a shoe polishing and gentleman's accessories business delivering the finest shoe care service and a well curated collection of products. We have shoeshine locations at five star hotels around London and cater to private clients, offices and events. Some of our workforce is comprised of people recovering from homelessness, and some of our products include donations to rough sleepers....

    Posted at September 8, 2015 | Website: | Phone Number: 020832397473 | Enterprise
  • Phoenix Trust

    Phoenix aims to help young people and adults with learning disabilities, mental health and/or behavioural issues by offering meaningful work experience.  We aim to raise most of our income through selling our products and services.  Any profits made are reinvested into the company to further our social mission....

    Posted at April 2, 2014 | Website: | Phone Number: 01223 420669 | Enterprise
  • Studio 306

    Studio 306 Collective CIC is a group of skilled arts and crafts professionals who have come together to form a Social Firm specialising in designing and producing high quality products. The Studio offers a creative space for people who are recovering from mental illness. Working in this environment empowers them to rediscover forgotten skills and to develop new ones with increased confidence and motivation leading to a sense of achievement and...

    Posted at March 5, 2012 | Website: | Phone Number: 0208 365 8477 | Enterprise
  • Pluss

    Pluss is a Social Enterprise that supports thousands of people with disabilities and other disadvantages into employment each year. We do this through a range of specialist, local employment services and through direct employment within our own Social Enterprises.

    We offer specialist employment support to people with a learning disability, mental health issues, physical disabilities and long term health issues.

    Apart from the Work ...

    Posted at May 25, 2011 | Website: | Phone Number: 0800 334 5525 | Enterprise
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