Enterprises: Recycling

  • Realise Futures

    Realise Futures is a social enterprise where people are at the heart of everything we do. We work with people with disabilities and/or disadvantages to realise their potential. We do this through social businesses (RF Works), adult learning and development and employment services. We are one of the largest social enterprises in the East of England, employing approximately 340 people of which 30% are disabled and/or disadvantaged. Success, f...

    Posted at September 8, 2013 | Website: | Phone Number: 01473 238601 | Enterprise
  • Posted at June 8, 2011 | Website: | Phone Number: 01437 891221 | Enterprise
  • Oxford Wood Recycling

    Oxford Wood Recycling Ltd (OWR) offers a professional and competitive collection service to businesses in the region. By intelligent sorting and processing of the waste wood collected, OWR sells a wide range of timber and wood materials for garden or household projects in The Wood Shop. As a Social Firm, OWR creates jobs and training opportunities for people in Oxfordshire, particularly people with disabilities and those who find it difficult to ...

    Posted at June 8, 2011 | Website: | Phone Number: 01235 861 228 | Enterprise
  • Furniture NOW!

      Furniture Now! is a leading community waste, re-use and training organisation helping as many people as possible access learning, skills development and household affects thereby reducing society’s negative environmental impact and building social inclusion....

    Posted at June 3, 2011 | Website: | Phone Number: 01273 487337 (collection/delivery) 01273 487007 (Supervisor) 01273 479525 (Training) | Enterprise